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Traditional Bowhunters of Minnesota
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1  Traditional Bowhunters of Minnesota / The Workshop / Re: Black Palm on: March 24, 2014, 11:19:34 PM
never used it myself,only because i have never gotten my hands on it yet
but i have seen it used by folks on other sites
it makes a nice bow given the right design

i know it used by some native peoples
2  Traditional Bowhunters of Minnesota / The Workshop / Re: MTAR Knife on: March 24, 2014, 11:17:52 PM
well i havent been on this site in like forever

stopped by to look around and seen this knife
very nice work,looks like it would make a nice skinning knife
i realy like osage for scales on a knife
3  Traditional Bowhunters of Minnesota / Off Topic / Re: wolf hunt on: November 09, 2012, 06:27:43 PM
just thought i would ya'll know,in case any one is interested

there have been 87 wolves taken as of right now
lower than what the DNR was expecting.
not sure if they are gonna hit the early season quota of 200
if not,what they dont take will roll over to the late season quota for a total of 400 wolves to be taken.

i have some new predator calls coming in the mail next week
i plan on using these along with my new wolf howler call for my upcoming hunt.

man i cant wait for the 24th to get here.
i have 3 day weekends all thru december,kept enough vacation time this year just in case i would get to go on this hunt.
so i am hoping with the time i am putting in for scouting(after all you get out of a hunt,what you put into a hunt) and all the time
i have for hunting them(untill 1/31/13),plus the time off of work(get all my vaca time back on the 1st of the year again) available to me,that i should stand a decent chance.

ive seen two pictures of wolves taken.nice looking critters.pelt looked prime on looked like a youngster,the other looked like and adult.
no special color to them,just regular grey wolves.
but i would be happy with either one
4  Traditional Bowhunters of Minnesota / Off Topic / Re: wolf hunt on: October 28, 2012, 02:09:06 PM
well the wife and i have been out scouting public land the last few weekends now.
we have seen alot of good sign on one particular piece.
even had a wolf drop fresh scat on a trail we walked in on,found it as we walked out on the same trail 1.75 hours later.

so i think i have found my spot to hunt.
ordered myself a wolf howler call,sounds it in a bag with some scent wafers to get rid of that "new" smell.

dan: havent been doing much of wither for the last year or so.found out i have pshoryatic arthrits.plays hell on the joints and connective tissues i.e.
ligaments i have been getting that under control and getting in better physical shape. not to mention this time of year there is so much time spent in the woods chasing fall turkeys and bowhunting deer,small game hunting,chasing grouse etc etc.
but still find time on occaison to break a rock or make some wood scrapings
5  Traditional Bowhunters of Minnesota / Off Topic / mentor wanted on: October 28, 2012, 02:02:23 PM
well seeing as how i went and bought my first ever hunting rifle for my upcoming wolf hunt at the end of next month
i would like to get more use out of it.
so i was thinking i would like to try my hand at predator hunting, i.e coyotes.
however i know nothing about hunting predators other than what i see on the television.

so i was wondering if there are any minnesota predator hunters on this site.
and if so would they be willing to teach a newbie at the sport.
i would like to learn proper setup techniques,calling,skinning,disposal of carcasses and preping/selling of hides etc.
you know all the things needed to be a succesfull and ethical predator hunter.

i am not totaly new to hunting,as i am an avid and seasoned turkey hunter.have been trying my hand at bowhunting deer the last 5 years(have yet to get one ).i have been a bird hunter and small game hunter since i was a youngster.

i am in my late forties,but i am not afraid of hiking miles in the woods.i like to think i am in good shape for the shape i am in lol.
not afraid to drive miles to hunt in minnesota either. not afraid of sitting out in the cold for hours on end,as long as i am hunting.

so if you are or know of a predator hunter who would be willing to tech me i would appreciate it.



p.s.  would also like to hunt ferel hogs,even if i have to drive to a neighboring state.
6  Traditional Bowhunters of Minnesota / Off Topic / wolf hunt on: October 11, 2012, 07:18:35 PM
well we have a wolf season here now  Smiley

not sure if any one here were any of the 23000 plus people who entered the lottery for the season

i did,and I GOT DRAWN  Shocked  Cool

I do not plan on bow hunting them,so i bought me my first ever "hunting rifle"
i purchased a new TIKA T3 .270  in stainless with a wood stock and a scope.
my season starts  november 24th and goes untill the end of january,or untill the qouta is met.
now i just need a place with wolves on it to hunt.

if anyone knows of a spot with a wolf pack on it,i sure would appreciate some info.
ive been out scouting on a couple of differant WMA's that the DNR says has wolves.
but never seen any sign,or heard any howls etc.

if any one else has been drawn,please let me know.not your hunting spot(unless you want to),just that youve been drawn.  Wink

any one who has info on hunting them,please chime in.

7  Traditional Bowhunters of Minnesota / The Workshop / Re: Stone Points (cont'd from "What keeps me from bending wood" thread) on: May 14, 2012, 05:58:01 PM
Trust me,steel trade points are much much easier to make
than a stone point is to knapp.

I have seen some steel points made to resemble stone.
However they still look like steel points.

As a knapper i would never do something so horriffic
as attach metal blades to my stone points.i would just use steel points instead.

I do plan on doing some hunting down south in the next couple of years.
The states i plan on hunting do allow stone points.
8  Traditional Bowhunters of Minnesota / The Workshop / Re: what keeps me from bending wood on: April 26, 2012, 05:41:21 PM
Read them clearly states. "All broadheads must have atleast two metal cutting edges"
9  Traditional Bowhunters of Minnesota / Bowhunting Talk / Re: favorite blinds?? on: February 22, 2012, 03:53:12 PM
well once again this question gets asked
dont get me wrong,i dont mind talking about blinds  Wink

my favorite blinds are double bulls
i own the original MATRIX by DOUBLE BULL
i also have their DARK HORSE
i LOOOOOOVVVVEEE my matrix,cant stand my dark horse
i know there isnt much differance bewteen the two
but there is enough differance to make me wish i had another matrix instead of the dark horse.

if i am the only one in it,then shooting my self bows(all are 66"ttt or longer) isnt an issue
with a second person in the blind it can be a littler more tricky to shoot a long bow in there.
the extra body and gear need to be placed just right to keep the limbs from hitting anything.
but it is doable.

i too hunt public land 99.9% of the time.
the pieces i hunt are fairly large and get a lot of hunting pressure for turkey.
i hike usually twice as far in as most people are willing to,just to avoid the crowd.
i used to think packing in my blind and gear was a real pain in the backside.

one year for x-mas my wife bought me a backpack made by "BLACK CREEK GUIDE GEAR".
this pack was made by them for packing double bull blinds.
it was made at the request of the creators of the double bull.the pack is designed to carry the blind and all
your turkey hiunting gear(the orignal owners/inventors of double bull are turkey hunting addicts,like me)
i have never had a problem fitting my blind,all my various calls,decoys,extra cloths,food and water(comes with a camel back hydration pack)
for a day or more in the woods.the pack is fully adjustable to fit any persons frame and can realy carry any type of portable is also capable of carry gun/bow too.i even manage to get my little buddy heater packed into it  Cheesy.(i hate getting cold when hunting)

i have been known to walk 2.5 miles or more with this pack on my back.
never had a problem since i got the pack.

i know primos has raised the prices a little on the double bull blinds since they took them over.but in ,my opinion still the best made and most durable blinds you can by.primos does offer a few blinds that are almost identical to the double bulls,but only marketed under the primos brand.they are usually less expensive than the double bull line of blinds.

i think now that the market has expanded more and the patent on the double bull hubs etc. has been opened up.
more and more blind manufacturers are using their style of poles and it seems like there are alot more quality blinds out there than there was even 5 years ago.i found that the pop up style that use an umbrella type hub,they just dont last that long before the fail to stay up.

the big differance these days seems to be the quality of fabric.i would recomend any heavy fabric that has a dark(black)interior,no shine on the outside in sunlight,and what they call "flapless fabric.which means it wont make that flapping noise(like a flag does)when its in the wind.
i prefer my matrix because it has all this plus a true 360* shoot thru mesh window.the dark horse only has a 180* shoot thru mesh with several shooting port windows on the other half.
i realy dont care for the shooting port windows for bow seems like every time i need to shoot an arrow out one of these "port windows" i hit the edge of the fabric and this just throws the arrow out my intended trajectory,not to mention it tears the hell out of the fabric.i will admit this seems to happen more with the wheelie bow than my stick bows,but still i just dont like the port windows.when the port window is open for shooting,there is no mesh to shoot thru and seems like a turkey can pick you out and a fraction of a second too.even when wearing all black inside the blind.
also i would avoid any blind that has a fabric bottom,they seem to make alot of noise when moving around inside of them
basicaly i think it will come down to a few factors that only you will be able to decide on.
things like cost,size,weight how much time you plan on spending in it,how long you would like it to last before needing repairs/replacement.

give it a few more weeks and all the big outfitter stores should have all their blinds on display for the upcoming turkey season.
i would then go out and look at all of them and compare them to each other.

just remember "you do get what you pay for"

good luck

oh ya. another realy nice thing about a blind is that you can take kids with and they can move around with out scaring game off.

ive had deer/turkey and even coyotes right next to my blind and i mean right next to it,like literally touching the fabric.with the wife and i inside and moving around and they never even noticed us.well that is untill we shot them  Shocked

we had a flock of turkeys one day right out the windows of the blind,i could have petted them they were so close.we had the windows open but the mesh down.we were talking out loud in every day tones and all they did was look at the blind and kept on feeding.they stayed around us for about an hour and a half.

10  Traditional Bowhunters of Minnesota / Bowhunting Talk / Re: String length? on: February 03, 2012, 04:17:18 PM
7" brace on a selfbow seems quit high,imho

All the self bows ive made had a brace height of about 5.5"

Chad is correct about the string length being only a couple inches
shorter than the ntn measurement
11  Traditional Bowhunters of Minnesota / Bowhunting Talk / Re: Gobble, Gobble, time to apply for 2012 Minnesota Turkey Permits. on: January 09, 2012, 02:16:37 PM
I just got off the phone with Fred Bangston(sp).
Hes the head off the DNR at the sauk rapids office.
I asked him that question and he responded back
"Good question,but i dont know the answer"
Then he called me back in less than five minutes and said
"If you purchase an archery tag its good in any turkey permit zone in the state"

Good info to know.
12  Traditional Bowhunters of Minnesota / Bowhunting Talk / Re: Gobble, Gobble, time to apply for 2012 Minnesota Turkey Permits. on: January 07, 2012, 11:38:01 AM
Yup,i like the new changes.
Soon we could be all over the counter sales.

Just remember that you still only get to purchase either a gun or bow permit.
Not allowed to buy both,regardless if you fill your gun tag or not.

The wife and i are going with bow tags(like usuall).i took the last week of hunting off of work.
But i am hoping to have our tags filled before then.
I cant wait,a whole month to chase turkeys in the spring time.
Its like a dream come true.

Good luck go all that will be chasing them ground buzzards come spring.
13  Traditional Bowhunters of Minnesota / Bowhunting Talk / Re: Turkeys--Where do you hunt? on: September 13, 2011, 09:49:42 PM
wow its been awhile since i checked in here on this thread

62" bow,yup thats what im shooting this year too  Grin
i will be using my ground blinds when turkey season starts in october,but not for early deer season
early deer i spot and stalk,so im thinking of getting a ghuiilie suit for that

as far as favorite blinds go
i LOVE my orignal double bull matrix blind,best ground blind ever made in my opinion
i do own a primos/double bull dark horse
its a good blind as well,but its a cross between the matrix and one of their older models
what i dont like about it is the shooting port windows are realy only good for guns
the 180* shoot thru mesh is alright,but unlike the matrix blind
the mesh is very tight,the matrix has a loose fit net window
which in my opinon has less of an effect on arrow flight as it passes thru
primos/double bull does offer a newer blind,cant think of the name of hand,but it is
just a new version of the matrix
wouldnt mind getting rid of my dark horse and getting that on instead
all the primos/double bull blinds do come in what the call their "recurve modles"
these are a little larger in height than the normal models
this is to allow for shooting of trad bow gear
one of the orignal creators was a trad bow shooter,the other a wheelie bow guy

ive owned many blinds in the past,wished i would have saved the money from them and just went with a double bull right away
i learned the hard way,the others dont last,the materials are cheaper etc etc

all the blind companys are now trying to make them like double bulls
hub system,fabrics etc are all copies of the orignal double bulls

stay away from any blind that has a nylon type fabric as it shines when light hits it,noisy in the wind
i like a blind that can be set up in seconds
i have my matrix down to about 15  seconds from getting my backpack of,blind out and set up

another nice thing about primos/double bull blinds
lifetime warranty on them
this was started when keith and brooks(i belive thats his name) were the owners of duoble bull yet
they insisted that their blinds would last a lifetime
so they warranteed them that way
when primos took them over,they insisted that it stayed that way
and i can spek from experience,they do stand behind that warranty and have excelent customer service
when i bought my dark horse,which is a primos/double bull blind
it didnt come with stakes
i called them and asked about it,i explained that my orignal double bull came with stakes and this new one didnt(five years between purchases)
they sent out 4 realy good blind stakes for free and i had them in less than four days
so i will always go with a new primos/double bull blind when i need to replace or add one to my gear

hey i should be a spokesman for them  Wink

i will be putting in for either zone 215 or zone 221 for next springs lottery if i dont get drawn then i will chase them with bow,both of which are right by sartell

thats cool,my wife likes to hunt spring turkey with me also
14  Traditional Bowhunters of Minnesota / Bowhunting Talk / Re: Turkeys--Where do you hunt? on: August 21, 2011, 08:45:58 PM
all right my kind of topic  Wink

i am an advid turkey chaser
i hunt both spring and fall
and almost always with a bow as i rarely get drawn for gun in spring
in fall i always get drawn but still take a self bow most days out

i hunt from my double bull blind(s)
i have both the matrix and the dark horse
the t5 isnt so good for bow hunting as you have learned
but these two work great for wheelie/trad/self bow hunting for all kinds of game
have taken several from my blinds
also shot my blinds several times  Shocked

i do most my hunting on private property,but its getting to be as bad as public land there
so i have been doing more hunting on public land
not going to tell exactly where i hunt,too many others on that piece of public land already
but its a fortyfive minute drive from st cloud
but its also one of the best and biggest pieces of public land in my zone

as far as where to go look for turkeys
all i can so is get out on public land and scout scout scout
there are more turkeys around this part of the state than most folks realize
i would also suggest to pick the zone you want to hunt then find public land and scout it well
this time of year sign can be hard to find
tracks can be terrible to find with the grass and weeds on the ground
look for roos sites.these will be destinguished by piles of poop at the base of the tree and molted feathers
get out in the eveneing and try to find them going to roost

caling birds in the fall is futile at best
calling like a tom may work,but rarely
fall hunting should be done with ambush tactics
i also find decoys are pretty much worthless in the fall

good luck
and as a side note: i aint never heard of a place that was too far to drive to hunt turkeys
15  Traditional Bowhunters of Minnesota / Bowhunting Talk / Re: Spring Turkey 2011 on: May 23, 2011, 08:50:45 PM
Jay one thing you could point out is that if there was a all season archery that would take them out of the lottery of gun hunters. They could make it a choice up front and not a license that is over the counter. I would think this would keep the numbers down because a person would have to commit to the bow up front.

im all for that  Grin
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